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You can be MaD!

Making a difference is something we all can do!

You can make a difference in one of the following ways:

Add your name to our mailing list and we will keep you updated on our ministry and how you can be a part of it.

Pray for us and the schools we serve.

Become a volunteer - contact us for more details.

Become a financial supporter - contact us for details.

Can you help us to keep MaD?

As an independent charity we rely on the support of donators.

One-off donations

You can use the button below to give a one-off gift to supporting the work of the MaD Together Trust.

All support is very gratefully received.

Regular donations

If you would like to consider supporting the MAD Together Trust with, say, £20 a month (the price of just two coffees a week!) or whatever you can afford, you can give through standing order.

Gift aid and standing order forms can be downloaded by clicking on the links here:

Your support will enable us to make a lasting difference.

"...and on some have compassion, making a difference..."

Jude 22, NKJV

2024 MaD in Schools
MaD in Schools logo
2024 MaD in Schools
MaD in Schools logo
2024 MaD in Schools