Meet the team

Jenny Haggarty

Jenny is our full-time worker. She is a graduate from Caledonian University with a degree in psychology. She is also responsible for a children's ministry in the Caldercuix area.

Erika Raigne

Erika is from Argentina and is studying at the Tilsley College, Motherwell. Erika works with us two days a week as part of the college placement scheme. She is a wiz with computers.

Abby Currie

Abby is working with the university organisation Navigators and as part of that work she also works with us for one day a week.

Paul McLean

Paul is a student at the International Christian College in Glasgow, where he is studying for a degree in youth ministry and practical theology. He kindly gives us a day a week to help us with our high school commitments.

Megan Denny

Megan was our first full-time worker. She had to return to the USA to continue her studies. It is upon Megan's good work that Erika and Jenny hope to build for 2010. Thank you Megan!

Craig Dyer, Chairman
Training Director, Christianity Explored

We have an amazing opportunity at this moment to be in partnership with local churches and local schools. I see this as being of the highest strategic importance and am privileged to serve on the MAD Together Trust to this end.

Brian Lowrie, Director

All young people have value, God said so. We at MAD just want to tell them and show them. Together we can make a difference among our young people. We must before it's too late.

Sarah Lowrie, Treasurer

The MAD Together Trust is all about partnerships; we partner with schools, churches and individuals to hopefully make a lasting difference in young lives. Why not consider becoming a partner?

Dorothy Gebbie, Secretary
Depute Head of Cathkin High School

It's a privilege to be part of MAD Together Trust, as we work together with so many schools to explore and respond to the message of the Christian faith, and serve the school community.